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WELCOME to Alamosa IN THE San Luis Valley

For the largest selection of fine wines in the Valley, visit the BKD.  If you don't find your favorite wine, ask us to order it for you!  We also are the only one that has BEER KEG WINE..

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Number one Red Sweet ... Adesso (Means Now)
From Italy, blend Wine.

Number one White Sweet ... Il Conte Moscato
From Italy Wine.

Number one Red Dry ... Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon   
From Chile Wine.

Number one White Dry ... Cavit Zero Oak Chardonnay    .
From Italy Wine.

Number one Sweet Pink ... Il Conte Stella Berry.
From Italy Wine.


Wine: What is Wine? Wine is the product of fermented grape juice. What is fermentation? Fermentation is the chemical process whereby yeasts convert natural sugars in the grape into alcohol and carbon dioxide with heat as a by-product.
Grapes (crushed) = natural sugar from grape juice, then add yeasts, and you get CO2 + alcohol and heat. Factors Affecting Quality and Taste.

Red Variety

                      1.Cabernet Sauvignon
Style  - Well rounded, high in tannin content and ages admirably.
Notes - King of the “Noble” grapes, famous for its use in Bordeaux Claret.

Style - Subtle, soft and velvety. Lower in tannic bitterness and higher in alcohol than Cabernet Sauvignon.
Notes: - Great wines of Pomerol and St. Emilion in Bordeaux are based on Merlot.

Geography - The grape of Tuscany, Italy. Also found in California. 
Style - Has a sweet/sour style. Most of the wine is ideally smooth and easy, best when drank young and fresh.
Notes: The varietal grape used for Chianti. Best results on home territory but interesting examples emerging from California, Australia and Argentina.

Geography - Grown in the South of France, also Spain, Australia, and California.
Style - A little earthy when young but develops a smoky, leathery flavor when aged.

    5.Syrah or Shiraz
Geography - Mostly France and Australia,but also in California, South African and Washington State. 
Style - Intense, rich and tannic with a velvety texture.
Notes: Known as Syrah in France and Shiraz in Australia and elsewhere.

Geography - Widely planted throughout Europe, especially Spain. Also grown in the USA and Australia.
Style - Ranges from good light styles to rich, strong, velvety textured wines.
Notes: Famous as part of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Rioja. The grape is also know as Garnacha in Spain.

Geography - Mainly the Piedmont region of North West Italy.
Style - Good acidity, high in tannin. Its thick skins produce wines that can mature decades.
Notes: Makes two of Italy’s finest red wines – Barolo and Barbaresco.

Geography - Home is Spain. Starting to find small amounts in California. 
Style - Ranges from young, juicy unoaked to prestigious, oak-aged wines.
Notes:  Called Tinta Roriz in Portugal.

Geography - Grown in France, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the USA
Style - Smooth rich and elegant.
Notes: Malbec is probably Argentina’s best grape variety.

10.Pinot Noir
Geography - Home is Burgundy,France. Also produced in California, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, and Tasmania 
Style - Varies from complex and silky to plain and insipid.
Notes: Does not travel well. Outside Burgundy, with a few exceptions, lacks color and depth. There are some successful Californian Pinot Noirs. Also know as Spätburgunder in Germany and Pinot Nero in Italy

Geography - Zinfandel is California’s specialty grape. It is genetically related to the Italian grape Primitivo. 
Style - Ranges from lightweight, juicy and fruity to intensely rich aromatic wines.

White Variety

Geography - Home is Burgundy, France. Also grown in most wine producing countries world wide, especially California, Washington, Australia, New Zealand, and most recently, Italy.
Style - Styles vary from fresh, light unoaked wines produced in cooler regions to rich, tropical fruit wines from the New World.
Notes: Probably the world’s favorite white grape variety. Also know as, Melon Blanc.

                       2.Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio
Geography - Northern Italy, Germany, Alsace, Australia, New Zealand, California, Washington State, and Oregon.
Style - Fairly neutral in Italy, richer and more intense in Alsace.
Notes: Pinot Gris is know as Pinot Grigio in Italy.

Geography - Home is the Rhone Valley of France. More recently also planted in California, Australia.
Style - Soft, rich and luscious style.
Notes: Fast becoming a very fashionable and popular grape variety.

4.Chenin Blanc
Geography - Home is the Loire Valley in France. Other regions include California, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. 
Style - Strong acidity, well-rounded styles varying from fresh, light unoaked to rich, heavily oaked wines.
Notes: Also know as Pineau de la Loire and Blanc d’Anjou.

Geography - France (mainly Alsace),Germany, Northern Italy, California, Washington State and Australia. 
Style - Styles range from light and crisp to headily rich and sweet.
Notes: Riesling accounts for approximately 20% of Germany’s wine output and produces some of the country’s finest wines.

Geography - Classic white grape of the Alsace region of France. Also grown in Germany, Northern Italy, California, Washington State and Australia.\
Style - Although all Gewürztraminer have real intensity, styles vary from dry to richly sweet.
Notes: Also known as Traminer.

          7.Sauvignon Blanc
Geography - France, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, California, Washington State and Australia.
Style - Depends a lot on the country of origin, e.g., New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc tends to be tangy and sharp; Chile produces softer styles.
Notes: France’s Loire region Sauvignon Blanc has achieved the elevated status of “Noble Grape.”

Geography - France, Portugal and the New World, especially the Hunter Valley region of Australia.
Style - Produces two starkly different styles of dry and sweet wines.
Notes: The Hunter Valley region of Australia put Sémillon on the world wine map with its marvelous “botrytized” wood aged Semillon wines.

9. Moscato
As a long time resident of Piedmont, the Moscato grape (Muscat Blanc) is one of Italy's most eager wine ambassadors. Moscato tends to be a popular white wine among new wine lovers and enjoys a significant following with seasoned wine enthusiasts who enjoy a lighter-styled wine with brunch, dessert or on its own as a capable aperitif. This unique wine is often labeled simply as "Moscato" or if it's bred and born in Italy's Northwest region of Piedmont, it's seen sporting its full name of Moscato d'Asti (named after the grape, Moscato, and the Italian town of Asti). A close relative of Piedmont's Asti Spumante, Moscato d'Asti is generally produced in smaller quantities and in a more delicate style than Spumante.