Here are our large selection of all types of spirits.

mostly made or barley, corn, rye, wheat, potatoes and some time rice. we have
IRISH Whisky...CANADIAN Whiskey...
KENTUCKY Bourbon...COLORADO Whiskey...

---RUM ---
made from sugar cane. Can be made anywhere, although more than 80% of the rum consumes in this country is produced in Puerto Rico. We have

Blends Malts, Single Malts, Single Barleys Malts, Pure Malt, Grain whisky,  made with Grain. LOWLAND - Know as spirits Whisky, HIGHLANDS - Opulence Whisky, SPEYSIDE - Sub-region Whisky, ISLAY,SKYE,AND ISLAND - Island character is strongest where malt is made with local peat Whisky

---VODKA ---
Most brands today are made from grains, I.e. rye, wheat, barley, and corn. Potatoes are rarely used anymore, which was especially popular during World War II when grains were scarce. There is no Percise place where this spirit can be made. Maybe that is why ONE out of THREE spirits sold in the world is the spirit of Vodka.

Is a distilled spirit deriving its primary flavor from juniper berries.

LONDON - dry refers to a style of gin, originally made in and around London, but now is produced elsewhere as well.

UNITED STATES - Yes we have Gin, we even have some that have Barley.

The blue agave(a member of the lily family).

Today only spirits made within the confines of this region can bear the name Tequila. If produced elsewhere, it must be called mezcal.

Is usually distilled from wine. Cognac, the most famous of brandies comes only from within a particular region in France. In the brandy lexicon the letter O means Old; S means Special; V means Very, P means Pale and X means Extra (VSOP=Very Special Old Pale).
Other famous brandies are Armagnac (France), Brandy de Jerez (Spain), grappa (Italy), ouzo (Greece), kirsch (Germany), pisco (Peru).

This is the largest category in terms of number of brands and flavors and the third largest in terms of volume. Cordials and liqueurs are usually thought of as sweet and in fact by definition they must contain at least 2.5% sugar by weight. Cordials and liqueur flavors are extracted from raw ingredients by infusion, percolation or distillation. Alcohol content of cordials and liqueurs is usually between 17% and 34% although for some brands its as high as 50%. Cordials and liqueurs may be either generic (sambuca, triple sec, peppermint schnapps) or proprietary (Galliano, Frangelico).

Vermouth is an aperitif named from the Latin "aperio" meaning "to open". And that is exactly what an aperitif is supposed to do - open or whet the appetite before a meal.

If you would like a special type that we do not
have on hand, please let us know and we will
check to see if we can order it for you.

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